Parenting Fail


My child just had an accident of the “too busy playing computer games to get to the toilet on time” variety. Since he’s not ill and it was actually a case of poor prioritising,a punishment was called for.

However, saying no Wii (as in the nintendo Wii) for the rest of the week caused a lot of confusion and upset, because he thought I meant he wasn’t allowed to wee for the rest of the week.


#explanations were given #he was more outraged at computer deprivation

Ah yes, our child:

*child fidgets A LOT*

*child insists he doesn’t need the toilet*

*child is told he has to go and try, because we think otherwise*

*sounds of Niagara Falls come from bathroom*

School Life


Had a meeting at kid’s school outlining what I’m meant to be doing with my son each night. After a day at school from 9 to 3 we have to:

Do homework twice a week, numeracy and literacy, (maybe 30 sums, a small essay, something like that.)

Then nightly
Practice 2, 5 and 10 times tables (multiplication)
Reading (Often a picture book with a paragraph a page, 30 pages)
Question child about plot and vocabulary in said book, encourage them to tell us how they would improve the story.
Write a diary entry or letter or list
Practising spellings (this week’s words are treasure, measure and 8 more)

Then Monday there’s football club and Tuesday there’s swimming.

My kid’s in year 2, that’s the USA first grade. (He’s six)

Anyone who thinks school’s getting easier is daft!

Because every 6yo can think up ways to improve the story…

'Pulling together is the aim of despotism and tyranny. Free men pull in all kinds of directions.' He smiled. 'It's the only way to make progress. That and, of course, moving with the times.'

- Havelock Vetinari in Terry Pratchett’s “The Truth” (via twin-city-ankh-and-morpork)

Sometimes I feel the need to really LEARN from Vetinari!

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Seventh Anniversary, ibboard​!

(Meet me downstairs for cuddles and champagne <3)

We also have sheep!

On old school Warhammer novels: Ignorant Armies

I’m reading my old Warhammer novels -the stuff from the 90s with red covers and Boxtree as a publisher (LONG before the days of Black Library).

Ignorant Armies is an anthology of short stories. Like most anthologies of its age, it is edited by David Pringle.

Short stories obviously aren’t the same as a good novel or trilogy, but they have their good points.

Geheimnisnact by William King and The Other by Nicola Griffith are great. William King basically just wrote a tiny Gotrek and Felix novel. I don’t think I’ve read a full Nicola Griffith novel, but her shorts are well written with a good, thoughtful plot.

The Reavers and the Dead was quite good, but I wasn’t so keen on some of the grammar and style. Also, the reavers mentioning Ulric kept distracting me, but I guess that’s just party of Norsca background I didn’t know. Generally a good story otherwise.

I normally love Brian Craig’s novels, but the “A Gardener in Parravon” short is … odd. It is an interesting concept, and it might have been a good idea for a diversion in WHFRP, but as a story then I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Something about it was just off. Perhaps it was that too many people were accepting quite strange and slightly disturbed things without question that most Empire/Bretonnian towns would reject and bring in witch hunters for.

Now on to the last three stories, including a Jack Yeovil and another William King!


My hoard of treasure is overflowing so it’s time to pass some onto a handful of worthy adventurers!

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Ooooo, slightly pointless shinies!

Taking a photo of fireworks or other difficult night-time shooting? You might be tempted to grab the proper tool for the job and get out your DSLR (which gives you proper control of all of the settings that you need and has the quality to really bring out a fantastic shot). Instead, why not carry half a DSLR with you, bolt it on to your smart phone/oversized phablet and make it stupidly unwieldy?

- Paraphrasing of today’s BBC Click when they talked about smart-phone mounted lenses.

But… what… huh…? That’s the cast of “Are you Being Served?”, but it is tagged “Yes Minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”.

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Acquired a cricket in my shirt too!

Poor cricket!


Acquired a cricket in my shirt too!

Poor cricket!

The merest accident of microgeography had meant that the first man to hear the voice of Om, and who gave Om his view of humans, was a shepherd and not a goatherd. They have quite different ways of looking at the world, and the whole of history might have been different. For sheep are stupid, and have to be driven. But goats are intelligent, and need to be led.

- Small Gods, Terry Pratchett. i think about this passage a lot (via assbaka)